Vendor Offers - COVID-19

Aruba Networks

Dear Maine Educators,

We understand many households in Maine do not have internet access at home and school districts like yours are evaluating appropriate emergency solutions to assist students and teachers with remote learning. To help, Aruba is donating secure connectivity kits which are meant for the immediate provisioning of outdoor Wi-Fi in parking lots or mobile bus Wi-Fi deployments. This will allow students and teachers to gain secure internet access while simultaneously adhering to proper social distancing guidelines.

Recently, the FCC suspended the E-Rate gift rule until September, which allows us to make this offer to you without violating those rules. Many State or Local government entities, including schools, have their own rules or regulations around gifts and donations. Aruba will always follow and respect those rules and regulations as well.

We have a limited supply available, but I have been able to include you in this initial outreach.

There are two connectivity bundles being offered: 

  • Bundle 1: An outdoor Wi-Fi solution for smaller sites within 100m (330ft) of an existing WLAN
  • Bundle 2: An extended range outdoor Wi-Fi solution for larger sites beyond 100m (330ft) 

In addition, Aruba has been working with its community of “Airheads” engineers who have been providing deployment services free of charge to those in need.  The Airheads Volunteer Corps is an opt-in-only registry of engineers ready to assist in the build-out of network infrastructure for K-12 organizations. Their mission: To get sites set up quickly so they can provide Wi-Fi access to students. In creating this registry, Aruba aims to connect those in need of IT skills with those who can help. Our hope is that by working together, Aruba and our Airheads community can help those on the front lines dealing with the challenges of this global crisis. If you’d like to help, register today.

Please contact me for assistance with this offer. We are here to help and will get through these difficult times together.

Best regards,

Jeff Mann

Territory Manager – ME, NH, & VT

T: 207-332-3520

Imagine Learning

Making a difference for PreK–8 students in Maine with Innovative Practices

Imagine Learning partners with districts to provide unique digital Math and ELA curriculum programs that ignite engagement, amplify confidence, and maximize personal relevance for students in grades PreK–8. 

Our programs go deep, cultivate a growth mindset, and tap into the power of technology to engage students, accelerate achievement, and support teachers with real-time data and time-saving resources.

What makes Imagine Learning so different:  Live Teachers (online) and Language Advantage!


  • Online Live 1-on-1 Certified math teachers (provide immediate feedback as students work). Based on Dr. Bloom’s 2 sigma study.
  • Motivation through Engagement (scaffolded motivation for different learners)
  • Language of Math (CCSS focuses on academic language even for math)
  • Adaptive (differentiate pathways, intentional scaffolds)
  • Highly engaging (Getting the kids to love math!)


  • The Language Advantage – Academic Language: (85% of content in school through HS is taught through reading. While we teach reading, we teach students to speak to become strong communicators)
  • Rigor (instruction goes deep with different genres, reading complex grade-level texts, cross-content material)
  • Scaffolds & Supports (adaptive pathway, UDL led scaffolds, reading complex 1st language support, etc.)

Our Offer to Maine’s Districts and Families

During the school closures, Imagine Learning has assembled resources to assist our districts in supporting their students and families as they access our solutions from home.

In partnering with ACTEM, we are jumpstarting plans now and equipping you for the future. For all Maine districts the Imagine Learning programs will be free for the first 3 months and discounted for the 2020-2021 schools as the adoption rate increases via ACTEM.

How to Learn More 

To get scheduled for an informational webinar or to develop a personalized district plan, please contact Anne-Marie Brockwell at

“Stay safe, Learn well”

Anne-Marie Brockwell Area Partnership Manager

c 781-264-6697

Support 866.457.8776


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