Batteries & Power Adapters

MLTI MacBook Batteries and Power Adapters

 ACTEM is selling aftermarket Batteries and Power Adapters  for the MLTI model Macbooks.  These can be ordered directly through ACTEM.

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10-Pack Price

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Battery for Apple MacBook 13" - Rechargeable Li-on Battery (MLTI Model)




MacBook MagSafe 1 -  60W Power Adapter (includes new Duckhead) - for MLTI Model




MagSafe 2 Power Adapter - 45W for MacBook Airs (includes new Duckhead)

$450.00 $45

ACTEM orders these items in 10-pack from our distributor.  

Preference would be that you order a 10-pack of these items but ACTEM will sell individual  or smaller quantities if requested.

Minimum shipping charge of $10.  Shipping charges may vary depending on the quantity ordered.


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