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All Maine schools receive a 10% discount on all Gizmos, Reflex, and Science4Us orders

You will order directly from ExploreLearning. If you have any questions regarding the 10% discount,

please  call (866) 882 – 4141 ext. 357.

ExploreLearning helps Maine Educators 

Meet Key Goals of the Common Core


ExploreLearning Gizmos help students of all

ability levels develop deep conceptual

understanding of math and science and

acquire the broad knowledge that the

Common Core’s content standards demand.

Over 400 math and science simulations give

everyone something to graph, measure, and

compare. That’s hundreds of opportunities

where students don’t just act like scientists

and mathematicians. They are.

  • Discover concepts. Interactive design

allows for extensive manipulation of

variables and “what-if” experimentation.

  • Analyze data. Visualizations and graphing

tools help capture and compare results

from experiments.

  • Go deeper. In-depth activities create

more moments to explore, discover and

apply new concepts.


ExploreLearning Reflex is the most powerful

solution available to help students develop math

fact fluency as emphasized in the Common


content standards.

Reflex helps students of all ability levels to

develop fluency with their basic facts in addition,

subtraction, multiplication, and division. Reflex


  • Adaptivity and individualization. Each

student’s performance is continually

monitored to create an optimal experience

for them.

  • Intuitive and powerful reporting. Easily

monitor and support student progress.

  • Anytime, anywhere access. Build fluency

anywhere there is an Internet connection.

  • Fun! Game-based Reflex keeps kids coming

back for more.

  • Outstanding results. Students who use

Reflex are scoring higher and growing faster

than their peers.

ExploreLearning Science4Us is a research-based

program specially designed for K-2 students

and includes 1000s of online and offline


With Science4Us, kids get hands-on

with science.

  • K-2 science education matters. Research

shows that students who enter

kindergarten with limited exposure to

science can continue to struggle with

science throughout the educational career.

  • Prepares students for success in science.

Science4Us covers topics

in physical, life, and earth science using

animated lessons, activities, songs, and

worksheets to engage and teach kids.

  • Incorporates literacy skills. Full of

interactive activities and exercises,

Science4Us introduces kids to

science vocabulary, sight words, and much


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