Supporting cross-platform classroom management for school districts in Maine

Impero Education Pro, our core cloud suite, combines the three core modules to make digital learning thrive. Designed specifically with schools and districts in mind, Impero Education is compatible with Chrome, Windows, Mac and iOS and supports classroom management, network management and student online safety.

Classroom management: The classroom management features in Impero Education Pro, when used on a daily basis, can help reduce IT costs, improve productivity and focus learning in your classroom.

·        Real-time, full-screen thumbnail monitoring of student devices (not just open tabs)

·        Google Classroom & Power School SIS integration

·        Broadcast a teacher screen to all or selected students

·        View a centralized record of student computer activity, including websites and tabs open by a specific user

·        Lock screens for selected or all student devices

·        Allow specific websites to keep students on task

·        Block websites to remove digital distractions or lock down machines for exam environments

And much more!

Network management: The network management features in Impero Education Pro are powerful and scalable for managing single or multiple school sites from one, centralized location.

  • ·       Remote control and multi-site management
  • ·       Support for several users and devices at one time
  • ·       Device location including geo-location
  • ·       Utilization reports
  • ·       Inventory management for an overview of all devices

And much more!

Student online safety: The student online safety features in Impero Education Pro have been developed and created in conjunction with specialist organizations and charities to help keep your students safe online.

·       Keyword detection

·       Over 10,000 keywords detecting online dangers, such as bullying, suicide, mental health, weapons and violence and many more

·       Capture management policies providing contextual insights e.g. screenshot or screen recording, which can later be used as evidence

·       Historical capture data for a whole school overview, which can be drilled down to student-level when necessary

·       Supports CIPA compliance

And much more!

These features are designed to support your existing web filter with customizable keywords, helping you to easily detect students off task and accessing inappropriate content, games or a proxy.

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We’re excited to announce ACTEM exclusive pricing for Impero Education Pro starting from $3.00 per license. To request pricing for your school or district, please contact Tom Randall, ME Solutions Consultant on or call 512.640.0382

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ACTEM exclusive pricing available for Impero Education Pro!

Monitor, manage and control all your Chrome, Windows, Mac and iOS devices from a single location.

Impero Education Pro, our cloud-hosted solution for classroom management, network management and student online safety is easier and more user-friendly than ever before. Empowering teachers to monitor and control student devices directly in the classroom, enhancing technical teams response times to any IT issues all while protecting students online, supporting mental health and student safety initiatives – Impero Education Pro consolidates all the tools you need for cross-platform device management.

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