SeeSaw for Schools Purchasing Consortia 2022-23

Seesaw For Schools 

Purchasing Consortia 2022-23

ACTEM • Vita-Learns • NHSTE

ACTEM is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Vermont & New Hampshire again in 2022-23 for the Seesaw Licensing Consortia.

The consortia will enable us to increase the total number of licenses purchased so we are able to save money for all schools/districts.

Seesaw for Schools is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what’s happening in the classroom.  It includes learning journals, portfolios tools, parent communication tools, and more. 

 Learn more about Seesaw for Schools and Remote Learning.    Seesaw For Schools Brochure  
  Additional information about Seesaw For Schools     Case Studies  

Purchasing Consortia Information

Seesaw For Schools and Seesaw For Schools with Lessons Bundle orders will be managed by Vita-Learn. All schools/districts must complete the  ONLINE ORDERING FORM on the Vita-Learn web site.  This online form allows you to upload a copy of your purchase order.  Please do not submit orders via email or directly to Seesaw.  Vita-Learn aggregates all orders into a single order with Seesaw  which allows all consortia members to qualify for volume pricing tiers otherwise not available to districts in VT, NH, and ME.

Based on historical purchases, the consortia is confident that Seesaw For Schools licensing will see a large enough total aggregated order to qualify for Seesaw’s highest volume tier (30,000+ licenses). Seesaw has increased it’s pricing for the 2022-23 school year. The standard price for K12 schools increased to $6/student.         Seesaw for Schools consortia price is $4.85/student for 2022-23.

Seesaw Lessons is new this year, so the consortia does had not yet established significant volume. Seesaw Lessons licensing is based on your Seesaw For Schools licensing count. Therefore, if you require 250 Seesaw For Schools licenses and your school also wants to purchase Seesaw Lessons, your school needs to purchase 250 Seesaw Lessons licenses. 

The Bundled price of Seesaw For Schools + Seesaw Lessons is $9.85/student for 2022-23.

In order to determine the final Seesaw Lessons consortia pricing tier, please place orders by May 25, 2022. 

ACTEM Schools & Districts

  • For Seesaw for Schools & Seesaw Lesson Bundle purchases from ACTEM schools/districts, Purchase Orders should be made out to ACTEM
  • ACTEM districts that require a quote, please contact  - Gary Lanoie -
  • Invoices for ACTEM schools/districts will be issued by ACTEM, payable to ACTEM.
  • All Seesaw orders will share the consortia licensing term of August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023.
  • The consortia is unable to pro-rate the license fee for late orders.
Ordering Seesaw Licensing through ACTEM

    All Schools/Districts must complete the ONLINE ORDERING FORM at Vita-Learns website.

     Vita-Learn aggregates all orders into a single order with Seesaw to get the best pricing for all three States.

     The order form will allow schools to choose to be invoiced before or after the July 1 fiscal year changeover. 

      Invoices will be issued in June/early July depending on your selection and sent by email to the contact listed on the order form. 

     Your payment due date will be 30 days from the invoice date or July 31, 2022, whichever is sooner.

    Seesaw for Schools

    Special Seesaw for Schools 

    Consortia Pricing

    $4.85 per student

    • Reduced from regular price of $6.00 per Student 
    • 20 Teachers Per Class
    • Unlimited Activities
    • Schoolwide Announcements
    • SIS Integration & Centralized Management
    • School & District Analytics

    Seesaw is licensed on a per student basis. The normal minimum purchase for Seesaw For Schools licensing that includes more robust features and capacity is 100 licenses. However, as part of the Consortia special pricing, all member districts and schools that have fewer than 100 students may purchase only as many licenses as you need!

    All orders must be submitted via the online form on the Vita-Learns website


    In order to determine the final Seesaw Lessons consortia pricing tier, please place orders by May 25, 2022. 

    Seesaw For Schools + Lessons Bundle

    Seesaw for Schools + Lesson Bundle

    Consortia Pricing

    $9.85 per student

    • Seesaw for Schools 
    • Seesaw Lessons for Grades K-5
    • Standard-Aligned Lessons
    • License Term: Aug. 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023

    Bundle includes both your school's Seesaw For Schools Licensing

    and Seesaw Lessons for all users.

    Seesaw Lessons are...

    • A library of ready-to-assign, standard aligned content that uses the power of Seesaw’s Learning Tools to build mastery and accelerate learning
    • Focused on culturally responsive content and real-world topics 
    • Constantly updated with new collections and expansions of collections students love most (like Netflix!)

    Explore Seesaw Lessons today! Here are some resources

    to help you get started: 

    All orders must be submitted via the online form

    on the Vita-Learns website


    School & Districts that purchased

    3-year Seesaw for Schools licensing last summer

    If you are interested in adding Seesaw Lessons to your subscription - Please contact the ACTEM Office for pricing.


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    P.O. Box 187, Gorham, ME 04038

    Phone: (207) 222-4353  Fax: (207) 222-2057  Email: